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I’m Hannah! As a certified Canine Nutritionist, I turn to food to keep my dogs vibrant and healthy and prefer to raise them and myself naturally.

My journey with raw food started when I was 6 years old.

We were living in Papua New Guinea at the time. I was the child in the house that was the “dog person” and so I followed my dad as he fed the dogs. It was mostly a base of raw meat, bones, fish, and then whatever leftovers we had for dinner.

I helped him put the food bowls down and watch over the dogs until they were done.

Our dogs were healthy. We never had to see the local vet.

We fed our dogs this way until I was in high school.

Then in 1988, we migrated to Los Angeles, CA. And we saw commercials about Kibble. I remember walking into Walmart looking at the big bags of kibble and choosing the bags with the prettiest photos. I shudder today to think I fed my dogs colored kibble bits.

Fast forward to being an adult and getting my first puppy in 2011.

I have been deeply fascinated with the healing power of food. And I also knew ultra-processed food was not healthy for humans nor for dogs. So I started to feed commercially prepared raw, and even venturing into home-cooked meals.

My first Boston Terrier Zoey never had any health issues. But that wasn’t the case with my second and third who experienced signs of yeast and allergies.

I was determined to use food as their medicine. I knew Apoquel and Cytopoint wasn’t going to be the way to heal them.

And that was the thrust behind deepening my knowledge in canine nutrition and becoming certified through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute. .

Today, you’ll usually find me at home creating new recipes in the kitchen or walking my dogs at our beaches and trails. In my downtime, I’m editing photos on my laptop and writing up new recipes and blog articles.

To me, health starts off with good food. Food contains the information we need to fuel both our bodies and those of our dogs.

As humans, we can confidently feed our children, our family, and each other but we freeze at the thought of creating meals for our own dogs.

There’s a lot of information out there and it always seems to be bookended with “if you don’t do it properly you might hurt your dog”.

It’s a scare tactic.

I’m not buying it.

With this website, I aim to simplify meal preparation for your dogs.


  • Increase your dog’s longevity
  • Improve your dog’s vitality

I’m honored to guide you through your own fresh feeding journey and unleash the confidence you need to be your dog’s chef extraordinaire.

Yes, you will have to put in the work, but it’s no more complicated than creating healthy meals for yourself.

Hello again. My name is Hannah. I am so pleased to have you here.

I hope you find my recipes and articles to be a valuable resource to help you in your own fresh dog food journey.

Do come to visit me on this website’s Instagram or even follow along with my dogs Maggie and Orbit.

Or simply drop a comment below.

Let’s start today by getting to know each other.

Be Well. Eat Well. Feed Well.

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