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The Ancestral Diet is a nutritional philosophy that advises dog owners to minimize industrialized, processed food feeding. It encourages feeding wholesome, real food that incorporates nose-to-tail animal parts.

The focus is to:

  • Look at how dogs as a species ate prior to when kibble was invented with minimal use of synthetics vitamins, and minerals.
  • Raw meaty bones are preferred as opposed to “raw grinds.”
  • Balance is achieved by feeding a variety of meat, seafood, organs, bones, and fiber.
  • Fiber includes fur and feathers and is preferred over vegetables.
  • Supplementation is done with purpose
  • Synthetic ingredients, vitamins, and minerals are avoided
  • Nose to tail feeding is highly encouraged.
  • Seafood should be included with every meal.
  • Heart should be included in the diet (for taurine).