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How Much Vitamin E for a 50lb dog and 38 More AMA questions answered

Q. How much vitamin E does a 50lb dog need?

A. The general dosage is one to two IU per lb a dog weighs. Your dog can have 100 IU of Vitamin E per day. Buy any brand on Amazon and look for one that says “mixed tocopherols”

Q. What’s the best way to slowly introduce raw food with a mini fridge/freezer? Is it even possible?

A. If the fridge is the size of the one in hotels… then it will logistically only be possible by buying fresh meat every day

This sounds so hard for us in the US but I observed many years ago when we traveled in Europe that people bought their food every day. At least those that lived in the city. They didn’t go to Costco or Sam’s Club – they walked to the corner store and bought what they were eating that night/day.

If the freezer is the size of a washing machine – totally possible. I only have a small freezer in the garage for the dogs. That means that I go out every few weeks to buy what I need. I actually prefer it that way so that the meat is always mo more than 30 days old.

Q. Thoughts on raw deer meat?

A. There are a lot of raw feeders that feed deer meat. There was a time I was feeding it but then decided I wanted more control over the quality. Things to look out for.

  • Quality and Safety: Ensure that the deer meat is fresh, properly handled, and stored at the appropriate temperature. It should be free from any signs of spoilage, such as foul odor, discoloration, or sliminess. If you have any doubts about its quality or safety, it’s better to err on the side of caution and not consume it.
  • Proper Processing: It is crucial that the deer meat has been properly processed and butchered. It should be skinned, cleaned, and dressed correctly to remove any potential contaminants or unwanted parts. It’s best to have the meat processed by a skilled individual or a reputable butcher to ensure it is handled correctly.
  • Field Dressing: When a deer is harvested, it needs to be field dressed promptly to remove the internal organs and reduce the risk of bacterial growth. If your friend followed proper field dressing techniques, it helps ensure the meat’s quality and safety.
  • Health Concerns: Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a concern in some deer populations. It is a transmissible neurological disease that affects deer and other cervids. Although the risk of transmission to humans is low, it is recommended to avoid consuming deer meat from animals known to be infected with CWD. Check the local wildlife and health authorities for any CWD-related concerns in your region.

Q. Which foods support the liver, thyroid, and adrenal glands &. heart

A. I will answer from TCM broadly.

I also will not address protein because that is a given. EG feed beef, turkey, chicken, pork, duck, rabbit, lamb, bison (whatever proteins work for your dog).


  • Bitter vegetables: Bitter foods like dandelion greens, arugula, and bitter melon are believed to stimulate liver function and promote detoxification.
  • Green leafy vegetables: Foods like spinach, kale, and Swiss chard are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that support liver health.


  • Sea vegetables: Seaweeds like kombu, nori, and wakame are high in iodine, which is essential for thyroid function.
  • Seafood: Fish and (shellfish), particularly those rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and sardines,
  • Nuts and seeds: Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, and flaxseeds are good sources of selenium

Adrenal Glands:

  • Root vegetables: Sweet potatoes, carrots, and beets are grounding foods that may help nourish and support the adrenals.
  • Healthy fats: Avocado & coconut oil

Q. Thoughts on raw salmon meat

A. This is controversial even among raw feeders. I feed it raw. I buy the Wild sockeye. I also do cook it sometimes. I talk about it in this article below.

Q. How can I help my pup gain more weight on a raw diet?

A. Barring any medical reason, then feed them more food. If they are not gaining weight they aren’t eating enough. You can feed fattier cuts of meat, add plant fats like avocado, add eggs, or salmon.

Q. How can I get my older dog to lose weight on a raw diet?

A. Feed leaner cuts of meat and less food (and more walks)

Q. Can I use a meat grinder for chicken feet so that my older dog can have an easier time eating them?

A. Absolutely.

Q. My dog is on a premade raw diet (rotate pork, beef, salmon) but still has yeasty paws.

A. Go to the website and do a search on “yeast” and there are several articles to get you started. There isn’t enough space here in stories to talk about yeast.

Q. When can I book a consultation with you (for myself not my dog – haha)

A. I would love to help … when I am ready. Give me a few years. The human body is complex and I would only want to help you once I learn more about it.

Q. Hi! Can you share what you’re in school for? Are you becoming a DVM?

A. I actually don’t have the heart to become a DVM. I don’t want to operate on animals or handle animal trauma. I don’t think my heart can take it. So I decided to pursue my education in Acupuncture, TCM and Herbalism (Doctorate program).

Q. Easiest meals to start a dog as we finish up the last kibble and transition to home made

A. Base Mixes. I had a post the other day just to answer this or use Viva Raw (and you can cook it or feed it raw). If you use my code DAILYDOGFOOD you gets the 1rst order 20% off.

Q. Dog occasionally wouldn’t stop trying to mouth and paw at a random family member’s hand. Why?

A. I don’t know…. since I’m not an animal behaviorist and will defer to other trainers on this.

Q. Any tips on foods to feed an emaciated pitbull?

A. Hard to say and answer via DM since I’m sure there are other factors so I will answer from a broad-strokes general approach.

  • Get Enzymes in – Pan-tenex
  • Feed a well-cooked meal as opposed to raw or kibble. Proteins unfold when they are cooked and this will be easier for your dog to digest.
  • Feed smaller portions, several times a day.

Q. How do you balance a PURE meal from Viva Raw?

A. Viva is one of the few companies that actually provide their nutritional analysis. Their PURE line is very close to being balanced. I Omega 3 or salmon, kelp, manganese, and then vegetables. I also add either flaxseed, hempseed or psyllium husk.

Q. Can probiotics cause an upset tummy

A. Yes. But typically only to those dogs that have a pattern of imbalance already. EG if they have any digestive deficiencies like IBD, IBS, Pancreatitis or even allergies. Also …. sometimes it’s not the probiotic it’s something else.

Q. It’s heartworm medicine time and I don’t really trust them. What do you recommend?

A. This is where you have to do a cost-benefit analysis. High-risk areas don’t have the same luxury in avoiding these meds like we do in San Diego.

If I lived in a high-risk area and we were active outdoors, I would protect my dogs if the vet said the case count was high. And I would use what the local vet recommends.

Q. Pawsomely Healthy is out of Omega 3 – any alternatives?

A. I’m also out and I reached out to them. Send them an email and they can help you.

Q. Nothing seems to work for Environmental allergies. Pup still licks paws. Tried nettle, quercetin…anything else?

A. Go to the website, look up “itch” and start there. Sometimes…. the paw licking isn’t an allergy at all but rather a circulation deficiency and blood isn’t flowing to the paws. The approach may be to move blood and qi.

Q. How do I use nettle tea for allergies and itching?

A. Fresh nettle is best – cook it like spinach and feed a tablespoon to your dog for every 20lb they weigh.

If you only have dried nettle (like what is used in tea) feed 1/2 teaspoon for every 20lb they weigh. Keep in mind… this is assuming this is the right approach. Sometimes allergies can be resolved not by adding something but rather, by removing the trigger.

Q. Recipe posted to FB – which zinc, Vit E, and manganese supplements do you recommend?

Zinc – I don’t have a brand recommendation. I rotate brands. Currently using Thorne.

Vitamin E. Always looks for mixed tocopherols, currently using Solgar.

Manganese. Good State

Q. Recs for cryptorchid male surgery, we’re struggling?

A. Hmmmm… I’m not really sure what you are asking. It’s outside my scope to give you advice on surgery. But if you want recommendations on food for post surgery – you want foods that “build blood” on TCM. beef, dark leafy greens and red vegetables.

Q. Is kangaroo a hot, neutral or cool meat in TCM terms? GEtting conflicting answers online.

A. Read my article on turkey – it may help you. I would posit that it’s probably warming based on how fast it runs.

Q. Can you show us what the puploaf recipe is?

A. Hi I posted a chicken one onto Facebook the other week

Q. What is the exact amount to feed a pup. I have heard 3 to 5% of future weight?

A. I’ve raised 4 from puppy to adulthood. The first 3, I fed them their adult food allowance, spread over multiple meals. And if they looked skinny (I have a very hyper breed) then I added more. All 4 of them had months when they had a growth spurt.

My most recent puppy I raised him calculating what his needs were. based on his weight and I would weigh him weekly to find out.

Q. Where’s the imbalance when dogs go from constipated to diarrhea?

A. This sounds like your dog is presenting with a damp/heat pattern. But if your dog is on any medication this can also throw off their digestion as well as any diet changes.

Q. Is there a specific food you use when feeding your Bostons?

A. Yes I feed them the “beef stew” meat from Costco and then I grind it for beef and buy the turkey and pork from Costco too. I also mix in Viva Raw some of the meals.

Q. Had antibiotics for 2 weeks, now what to add to rebalance the flora? Already adding probiotics.

A. Mushrooms! Fresh mushrooms – add them to meals.

Q. Can we add nutrients like zinc etc. ‘cos it’s difficult to meet requirements through food.

A. Absolutely! I use zinc supplements. I will not feed any shellfish to my dogs anymore.

Q. How to reduce waxy ears? On a balanced pre-made raw diet. Thanks 🧡

A. Wax is a sign of dampness building up in the ears. I’d switch off a balanced and go to an 80/10/10 so you can add your own veggies. And add dark leafy greens, brussel sprouts, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and turnips (rotate them). Search on website for “yeast” and start there.

Q. How to keep the Thyroid healthy and happy?

A. In TCM, the focus is on keeping the organs healthy. So I would feed a balanced diet and rotate your vegetables (feed the rainbow).

Q. Any tips to bring down cholesterol level. On fresh but loves eating chicken thigh.

A. Cost-benefit analysis. What is more important? Loving the thigh or loving better health? If health – switch to leaner meats. Add fish (Omegas) and veg. Also keep portions appropriate.

Q. I recently read to watch out for cooking your dogs food at too high a temperature … why is this?

A. I wonder if this if from recent chatter about AGE’s that are formed when food is cooked at high temps (grilling and crispy frying). This is the same for dogs as for humans.

Keep in mind what bleeds leads. What this means is what is in the news, the pieces of information that cause fear, or scare you, or get your attention is what is talked about it. We live in a fear-based society. This is why things like car crashes are in the news or why clickbait headlines lead the way.

Q. Myth or truth: eating the same protein overtime w/out rotation will cause sensitivity 😁

A. The idea likely originates from observations that a dog, after being fed the same protein source for a prolonged period, develops adverse reactions when introduced to a different protein. These adverse reactions are often mistakenly interpreted as a newly developed sensitivity to the introduced protein, instead of considering the possibility that the digestive system might be reacting to a sudden change in diet.

There is no evidence to suggest that feeding the same protein source will in itself create food sensitivity.

It’s more likely they are reacting to poor quality, something that is in the recipe or have a genetic predisposition.

If the meal is the same unbalanced meal fed for 3 years and by the fourth year things go awry – it could be because the body is reacting to a chronic deficiency as opposed to a sensitivity.

or …. it could even be a pattern of excess. Hard to say without knowing the context. Since you are part of the Harmony Challenge, feel free to drop it into the group so we can expand on this further.

Q. I didn’t realize you also do nutrition for people? Do you do it the same way as for pets?

A. I’m not there yet for human nutrition I’m still in school. But one day I will and I envision it would be the same approach.

Q. Raw fed dog has bad breath, no plaque, 7 years old. What could cause this?

A. On this very limited description, I will give a general possibility – which is “food stagnation”. It could be that there is a pattern where the food is not properly moving and so it’s sitting there stagnating in the digestive system which is why odors are coming out. That LES (Lower Esophagal Sphincter) is also not closing properly. This is often seen as the first sign/symtom and under the “acid reflux” umbrella.

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve be following me a while you know that I lean on Chinese Medicine when deciding what to feed a dog.

Unlike the Western Approach which focuses on pathogens and disease and treating those symptoms, the Eastern Approach focuses on treating the root cause.

The body wants to return to a state of wholeness and food can support you in that journey or send you the other way. There may be other reasons that your dog has an imbalance and if you are stuck you can always book a one-on-one call with me.

Thank you to all and I wish you and your dogs good health.

Author Biography

Hannah Zulueta obtained her Certificate in Canine Nutrition from CASI Institute. She is also studying for her Doctorate in Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Herbalism from the esteemed Pacific College of Health and Medicine.

She resides in San Diego with her three dogs, Maggie, Orbit, and Mr. Higgins.

She is available for one on one consultations. Additionally, you can find her sharing free content on Instagram.

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