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List Of Dog Nutrition Websites and Groups

There’s more than one perspective when it comes to food and so I’m compiled a shortlist of other online communities you can explore (other than my own of course on Instagram @dailydogfoodrecipes)


  • Inside Scoop
    • Led by Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib this (paid) online group shares the most current information and studies related to dogs and cats.
  • Dr. Dennis Thomas
    • My favorite holistic vet well versed in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and is available for online consultations. He also has an online (paid) community that I’m a member of. He also has a book that is featured on my READING LIST.
  • Raw Pet Medics
    • Dr’s Brendan (vet and nutritionist), Nick (vet and nutritionist), and Conor, (doctorate in behavior and nutritionist) get together weekly to riff on dog food and veterinary care.
  • Dr. Judy Morgan
    • A holistic vet and published author of Yin and Yang Nutrition focusing on teaching pet parents how to feed our dogs (and cats) better food.
  • Dr. Dobias
    • Dr. Dobias has an extensive online library of articles encompassing everything you want to know when taking care of your dog holistically.


  • The Holistic Canine
    • Kimberly Lloyd excels in nose to tail nutrition for dogs and also is a board-certified holistic health practitioner. She has an e-book that is worth adding to your collection.
  • Raw Pets Rule
    • Erin Christy has her own small homestead farm and knows how to feed dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, quail, pheasant and probably more. She has a food first approach and can formulate for both pet parents and commercial diets.
  • Monica Segal
    • Her ebook K9 Kitchen is a must-read for anyone serious about fresh feeding.
  • Perfectly Rawsome
    • Led by Ronny Lejuene I love her science-based approach to dog nutrition. She also has a lot of content to help you get started raw feeding.
  • Isabela Espaillat
    • I encountered Isabela’s account on Instagram. She has a very well-rounded approach when it comes to dog nutrition for kibble, cooked and raw diets.

Facebook Groups


Avoid The People With Big Toes

There’s a saying a mentor once taught me about people that are easy to anger. He said – “They have big toes – they stick out so much you can’t help but step on them”.

Deciding what to feed your dog is a serious topic and emotions can get heated and I avoid people who live for the drama.

Remember not to take social media personally and just avoid getting into online debates about nutrition.

Avoid Kibble and Vet Bashers

There’s also a group of people who make it their mission to be bashing and stepping on others to make their point.

All this does is cater to their own peanut gallery and bring out trolls.

It’s an interesting strategy very similar to what disruptors do to recruit and indoctrinate those they are trying to brainwash. They will take normal facts that you accept, turn it on their head and then indoctrinate you with their own belief system. It’s manipulative and deceptive.

No thanks.

There’s only so much time in the day I’d rather be for something (talking about food and helping dog parents feed better food) than spend a minute in a negative space.

Don’t Forget Your Local Co-Ops

Birds of a feather flock together and you will find that there will be spaces both online and offline that your “tribe” aggregates around. For me, the local raw feeders have a group called: San Diego Raw Feeders.

Being part of this group keeps me connected to any local discounts our group can do together.

Learn From Others

I’ve learned so much from all of these wonderful people mentioned above. Each of them brings their own wisdom and experiences to the dog food space.

They have different dogs, and different cases they have been exposed to.

And if you decide to pursue a one-on-one consultation with me it would be my honor to help you and your dog.

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  1. Karen

    I’m loving your site and IG. Thank you, I’m going to list you in my resources in my FB group.
    I also love perfectly rawsome, Kimberly, Conor and Cat, WDJ, DNM.
    I don’t bash kibble, I haven’t fed it for 11 yrs. I encourage pet parents who follow me to understand pet food labels and research/explore other diets.

    1. Hannah Zulueta

      Hi Karen,

      So happy to see you here. Thank you for listing me. What is your FB group name is it a private group or can anyone join? I don’t like to bash kibble either. I try to find the sacred in all things and I know if at the time I was feeding kibble, someone bashed it I would not understand. I think we get much more out of supporting each other than shaming parts of us that aren’t in the same place – we all start somewhere.

      Thank you so much for your comment and sharing.

      1. Karen

        I don’t look at kibble as being a healer, I’m not bashing it by saying that am I?. For food to be a true healer, I think it needs to be in its true form.
        When I started my raw journey almost 12 yrs ago I never looked back, it wasn’t until I truly started to research longevity that I realised there’s more to it than just a clean nutritious diet. Thats when my journey really began

        It will be great to have you join As Nature Intended x

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