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Bone Broth For Dogs With Allergies or Yeast Issues

Low Histamine Bone Broth

Dogs that have allergy or yeast issues typically do worse on regular bone broth that has been cooked for an extended amount of time with vinegar.

When you want your yeasty beasty itchy dog to have bone broth, it has to be homemade and cooked no longer than two hours, without vinegar.

This is due to the high histamine load that occurs in the broth when it’s cooked the traditional way.

Bone Broth For Dogs With Allergies or Yeast Issues

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 120 mins Total Time 2 hrs 10 mins


This healing bone broth is beneficial for dogs that suffer from yeast outbreaks or allergies.  




  1. Place bones ini nstapot

    Add enough water to cover it.  Roughly ends up being 2:1 water to bones ratio 

  2. Cook for two hours
  3. Cool broth in the fridge for 4 hours and remove fat that forms at the top layer
  4. Store broth in ice-cube trays so that they are ready to go in individualized servings for your dog


Don't cook bone broth for more than two hours.  It may not gel but that's the trade off when you are making low histamine bone broth

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  1. Alice

    Is it simmer on the stove for 2 hours?

    1. Hannah Zulueta

      Hello Alice. My apologies I did not catch your inquiry when you submitted it. Yes it’s for 2 hours. I’ve also been testing the crock pot – 3 hours on low works too.

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