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Dehydrated Oysters

Difficulty Beginner
Prep Time: 5 min Cook Time: 25 hour Total Time: 25 hrs 5 mins
Servings 60

These dehydrated oysters are a practical way to prepare oysters so that meal prep is easy.  Oysters provide a whole food source for zinc and copper.  Drying time will take less than 24 hours but keep in mind that your kitchen may very well smell like the ocean during that time.

  • 24 ounces oysters (There will be about 60 pieces in a 24 ounce bag. Most oysters come from Korea when you buy them from an Asian store)
  1. Thaw out oysters

    Your oysters will be frozen from the grocery store.   Let them thaw out overnight in your fridge.  

  2. Arrange oysters in dehydrator

    Oysters will droop through the grates so it's best you use a silicone tray that has smaller holes or no holes so that the oysters remain intact.  Be sure to use coconut oil to grease the tray first. 

  3. Dry at 130 degrees for 24 hours

    They should be crispy when they are done.  Some climates might require a longer drying time up to 36 hours. 

  4. Dry at 155 degrees for 1 hour

    Dry the last hour at 155 degrees to fully cook the oysters.

  5. Store in the fridge

    Store the dried oysters in either pyrex or plastic container in the fridge.


Your kitchen will smell like the ocean.  

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