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What Did The 30 Oldest Dogs Eat?

I recently had a consult with a client who’s 15 year old has been eating a cooked diet. What impressed me the most was how healthy the dog was based on their blood results which were better than some blood results I’ve seen for dogs half its age.

And with all of the recent news about Bobi, the 30-year-old dog in Portugal, it got me curious about all of the oldest dogs. Bobi has eaten home-cooked meals in the form of “stews” using meat that the family feeds themselves as well as organic vegetables grown in their own garden.

Those dogs listed below with an asterisk have had their ages verified. Others listed are noted because although stories exist about these dogs, their ages could not be verified (rescue or adopted dogs) or they were never recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

A summary of what these dogs ate is in the first table below. Following that is a list of each of the dogs based on age, where they lived, diet, breed, and lifestyle

Commercial diet1550%
Homemade diet723%
Mixed commercial and homemade26.67%
Dog’s Name
Country of ResidenceDietBreedLifestyle
Bobi*30 yrs, 8 months2023PortugalHomemade dietRafeiro de AlentejoCompanion dog
Bluey*29 years, 5 months1939Victoria, AustraliaHomemade dietAustralian Cattle DogWorking dog, herding cattle
Butch*28 years old2003United StatesUnknownBeagleCompanion dog
Taffy*27 years, 6 months2003United StatesCommercial dog foodWelsh SheepdogCompanion dog
Adjutant*27 years1963United StatesUnknownLabrador RetrieverHiking and swimming with owner
Jerry27 years2007AustraliaRaw dietMongrel
Buksi*26-27 yrs2017HungaryMixed commercial food and Homemade dietMixed breed
Bramble*27 years2003United KingdomVegan dietBorder Collie
Companion dog
Pusuke26 years, 9 months2011JapanCommercial dog foodShiba Inu
Companion dog
Max26 years, 8 months2013United StatesCommercial dog foodBeagle
Companion dog
Jingo26 years, 6 months2007United KingdomCommercial dog foodWhippet
Companion dog
Chanel26 years2009United StatesHomemade dietDachshund
Companion dog
Otto26 years2017United KingdomRaw food dietDachshundCompanion dog
Bella24 years, 8 months2019United KingdomCommercial dog foodBorder CollieCompanion dog
Blue24 years, 6 months2015United StatesCommercial dog foodBlue HeelerCompanion dog
Teddy24 years, 6 months2011United KingdomHomemade dietMixed BreedCompanion dog
Paddy24 years1989United KingdomUnknownBorder CollieCompanion dog
Otto24 years2010United StatesCommercial dog foodDachshundCompanion dog
Spike*24 years2023United StatesMixed commercial food and Homemade dietChihuahua Mix
George23 years, 7 months2011United KingdomCommercial dog foodWhippetCompanion dog
Windsor23 years, 6 months2013United KingdomCommercial dog foodGreyhoundCompanion dog
Toby23 years, 4 months2016United StatesHomemade dietMixed breedCompanion dog
Sparky23 years, 3 months2002United StatesCommercial dog foodChihuahuaCompanion dog
Rusty23 years,2010United StatesCommercial dog foodCompanion dog
Smokey23 years, 2003United StatesCommercial dog foodCompanion dog
Gino Hammerstrike*23 years2023United StatesHomemade dietChihuahua, American Eskimo Dog Mix
Piccolo22 years, 9 months1991United StatesCommercial dog foodCompanion dog
Betsy22 years, 6 months2019United KingdomCommercial dog foodCompanion dog
Pebbles*22 years 6 month2022United StatesHomemade dietToy Fox. Terrier
Gracie22 years, 3 months2014United StatesCommercial dog foodCompanion dog

Lifestyle Of The Oldest Dogs

An active lifestyle played a crucial role in the longevity of these dogs. For example, Bluey, the 29-year-old cattle dog, had plenty of access to the outdoors and had a life full of activity and daily adventures.

Bobi, on the other hand, has the freedom to roam unleashed through the forests and farmland close to home and the calm countryside in which he grew up, which the owners attribute to his long life.

Low Stress

Common to these dogs is the owner’s stories about their dogs living happy and stress-free lives.

It Goes To Show Every Dog Is Different

If you looked up this list hoping to find the diet that will provide a magical health elixir, it’s as elusive for dogs as it is for humans.

Half of these dogs were fed a commercial diet, while the rest were fed a mixture of cooked, raw, and even one that was fed vegan food.

Ultimately, the best diet is the one that your dog does the best on. Let their bodies and quality of life reveal the answer to you.

Wishing you and your dog’s good health!


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Author Biography

Hannah Zulueta obtained her Certificate in Canine Nutrition from CASI Institute. She is also studying for her Doctorate in Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Herbalism from the esteemed Pacific College of Health and Medicine.

She resides in San Diego with her three dogs, Maggie, Orbit, and Mr. Higgins.

She is available for one on one consultations. Additionally, you can find her sharing free content on Instagram.

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