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Who Else To Talk To But Fellow Dog Nerds

Holy smokes I love social media.

Two weeks ago Megan left a comment on one of my posts on the gram. Well, her handle “Dog Nerd Show” caught my eye so just like hook line and sinker I went for a gander onto her profile.

It only took a few minutes before I dove right in and listen to my friend Brynn talk about my other favorite topic: Boston Terriers.

After binging on a few other shows I left Megan some nice comments.

And that next day she reached out to me to ask if wanted to talk about dog food on her show?

“Is the sky blue?” I internally asked.

“Yes, yes yes!!” I replied.

And voila – two weeks later I’m honored to present to you my first ever podcast episode as a guest talking about … you guessed it. Dog Food!

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