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Whole Food Sources for Taurine

I find it fascinating that articles about dogs with DCM typically precede weeks when all of a sudden, I’m served ads for Taurine supplements. Coincidence? Maybe… maybe not.

I’ve also seen raw feeders who formulate adding taurine to their bowls to exceed RDA and I caution the use of synthetic taurine and instead urge that whole food sources are fed instead.

I’m not a fan of synthetics because it can open up a whole host of other problems.

And so this article is to show which ingredients have taurine in them.

IngredientTaurine mg/100mgCystine g/100g
Turkey liver (raw)131.850.212
Duck gizzard (raw)1200.24
Chicken heart (raw)112.50.211
Turkey heart (raw)1100.194
Chicken liver (raw)1100.275
Turkey gizzard (raw)106.88110.222
Chicken gizzard (raw)100.40.239
Whitefish, typical (raw)960.19
Pork kidney (raw)77.30.361
Beef liver (raw)68.80.376
Lamb liver (raw)68.80.2454
Beef heart (raw)65.20.1485
Lamb heart (raw)65.20.138
Bison heart (raw)65.2.019
Duck egg (raw)64.10.285
Lamb kidney (raw)62.15180.21
Pork liver (cooked)8.50.491
Pork heart (cooked)00.309
Beef heart (cooked)00
Veal liver (cooked)00.49
Veal heart (raw)00.185
Beef liver (cooked)00.479
Chicken liver (cooked)00.383
Duck heart (raw)00.21
Duck liver (raw)00.252
Lamb kidney (cooked)00.27
Pork kidney (cooked)00.557
Freeze-dried beef kidney (cooked)00
Beef kidney (cooked)00
Chicken gizzard (cooked)00
Turkey gizzard (cooked)00.252
Duck gizzard (cooked)00
Salmon Atlantic (raw)00.213
Salmon, sockeye00.237
Mussel, blue (cooked)00.312
Source: Animal Diet Formulator

Taurine can be found in:

  • raw food
  • poultry is higher in taurine than beef, pork, or lamb
  • duck gizzards have a high level of taurine
  • the levels of taurine will decrease when it’s stored in the freezer
  • grinding the meat decreases the taurine content

Taurine is also synthesized from cystine, which is why it’s listed above.

But actually even before that is methionine. This is because dogs can produce their own taurine from precursors. The first step involves the sulfur-containing essential amino acid methionine, which is used to make another amino acid, cysteine (also spelled “cystine”). Finally, taurine is made from cysteine.

My Favorite Source For Taurine

I love to feed my dogs raw duck gizzards. Not only is it rich in taurine, it’s also rich in choline. For one of my dogs that cannot have egg, feeding gizzards supplies her both nutrients!

Best Stores To Find Food Rich in Taurine

Asian markets is where you can find organ meats and organs.

If There Was Only One Thing To Remember

Raw food will be the best source of taurine.

And if you only had to choose one cut of meat because you are having challenges sourcing these ingredients, I would recommend you feed duck gizzards.

I wish you and your dog good health.

Author Biography

Hannah Zulueta obtained her Certificate in Canine Nutrition from CASI Institute. She is also studying to get her Doctorate in Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Herbalism from the esteemed Pacific College of Health and Medicine.

She resides in San Diego with her three dogs, Maggie, Orbit, and Mr. Higgins.

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