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Your Birthright

Through the years, I have observed that when I meet with clients to discuss their dogs, I sense a disharmony in those that take care of them.

To be clear, I am not your practitioner, in spite of the fact that I am in training to be a Doctor of Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Herbalism.

Looking at healing as a whole is core to the approach of TCM and even though I’m only here to help you through food, I do recognize that your own healing is very much part of that “soup” of energy that your dog is exposed to.

I strongly believe that our animals, dogs, and cats come into our lives for us. When they are in a state of disharmony, they surface things that have not healed in us.

I will use my dogs to explain this. I have one dog that was reactive for many years and had environmental allergies. I realized I needed to have clarity in how I communicated with others and manage my resentment and anger, and in doing so while healing her, this was the energy I worked on.

Another dog of mine tends to worry and shut down. She has a history of yeast that troubles her around February of each year. I have asked myself what it was in me that needed healing and that I needed to look inside me and work through my worries and not let them fester. I realized I needed to emote and express to cut through the fog inside and also work on the basics, good food, solid sleep, enough movement, and water. All of these concepts of lifestyle were as important in her healing as mine.

Lastly, my puppy is the joy and light of the house. He’s timid and shy, but through him, I’ve learned that I deserve to sit in my joy rather than dimming my light.

Our dogs sense our energy and vibrations, so our healing is also very much part of their healing.

Think of entering a room and finding someone you don’t like festering and angry. You sense their energy and walk away. At least we can do this, while our dogs, on the other hand, cannot. They just bathe in that vibration because they love us and take that energy on.

Often, we obsess about trying to “fix our dogs” because then we don’t have to look in the mirror and cultivate health in ourselves. In a way, it feels good to be their savior, and we have to work just as hard to heal ourselves prior to or concurrent with helping our dogs.

You’ve heard the analogy of being on a plane and putting on a face mask before helping others. That’s what we have to do for ourselves.

You deserve happiness, joy, vibrancy, and health because it is your birthright. Once you hold that firmly as your North Star, the Universe delivers the messages you need. It starts with you and a strong mindset.

As you start this healing journey, picture yourself in a state of wholeness. This doesn’t always mean “happiness first” because oftentimes we focus on positivity but we don’t give time to our shadows, and letting them work through …. and out of us. This takes time, give yourself grace. We actually need to process all facets of our “selves” and then we can be whole. 

And every night and every morning, picture your dog in perfect health. Carry that image with you and let that be your vision for them.

Wishing You, and Your Family Good Health.

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Author Biography

Hannah Zulueta obtained her Certificate in Canine Nutrition from CASI Institute. She is also studying for her Doctorate in Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Herbalism from the esteemed Pacific College of Health and Medicine.

She resides in San Diego with her three dogs, Maggie, Orbit, and Mr. Higgins.

She is available for one on one consultations. Additionally, you can find her sharing free content on Instagram.

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