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Your Dog’s Food Coach

Introducing Dog Food Coaching

Are you ready to stop stressing and obsessing over whether or not you are feeding right?


Personalized Feeding Recommendations ↗

Get personalized guidance from a certified dog food nutrition expert so that you can nourish your dog with the food they need for optimal health.

Focus On Whole Foods ↗

Nutrients will come from whole foods first. Adjustments are made based on whether or not your dog can eat that food and/or access and sourcing.

All-Inclusive Diets ↗

Nutrient-dense meal recommendations covering all diet types; from kibble, cooked, raw, or a mix of all three.

How My Approach Is Different

I combine my knowledge about Western Nutrition with the ancient wisdom passed on through Eastern Nutrition (food energetics and food therapy rooted in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine). The ingredients I select for your dog’s meals keep your dog healthy and in harmony.


Simplifying dog nutrition to feed your dog the best

1. Getting To Know You and Your Dog

It starts off when you fill out a survey so that I can learn all about your dog. Then we’ll meet over zoom to start the nutrition consultation session.

2. You Receive A Wellness Planner

You’ll receive a wellness plan that includes feeding recommendations, recipes (when applicable), a health marker checklist, shopping lists as well as food preparation tips.

3. Follow-Up Sessions

Depending on the package you book, it will include follow-up sessions because I want to make sure you have the information you need to feed your dog healthier meals on your own.

Other packages

Canine Kidney Disease Help

Personalized Recipe

Wellness Call PLUS one Nutritionally Balanced Recipe

Wellness Call + Commercial Raw Balance


Schedule a Call

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  1. Aneta Kozak

    Hello, I have a cavalier King Charles 2years old spayed female. She is on home cooked as she showed some signes of food sensitivity. I did the glacier Holistics life stress scan and tried to adjust the diet and eliminate stressors. If I was to book an appointment to build tailored diet for her which service shall I recomend? Thank you

    1. Hannah Zulueta

      Hello Aneta. Thank you for your interest. I would recommend the Wellness Call + Recipe or if you want 3 recipes the Heal The Gut package. That one also comes with 3 calls and unlimited email support. Thank you and I shall be on the lookout for your booking. Blessings.

  2. Dog Poop Removal Service Topeka Ks

    Hello Hannah. Yes, a healthy diet is important for dogs as well as humans. Being dog owners it’s our responsibility to give a dog a complete nutritious meal. Thank you!

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